Objective & Invitation

The Imagen Foundation seeks to recognize and reward creative excellence, positive or accurate images of Latinos in television and film, as well as to encourage and recognize the achievements of Latino talent in the entertainment and communications industries. In keeping with its mission, The Imagen Foundation cordially invites members of the entertainment and communication industries to participate in the 37th Annual Imagen Awards Competition.

The Foundation works to create, promote, and enhance opportunities for all Latinos in front of and behind the camera and throughout the entertainment industry, and serves as a liaison between the industry and the Latino community by providing access, education, and resources.


The Imagen Foundation invites submissions for appropriate and qualifying entries in English or Spanish language television programming, feature films, advertising, or documentaries that either:

(a) portray Latinos and/or the Latino culture in an authentic manner

(b) demonstrates outstanding creative achievement by Latino talent

(c) serves to educate the public about Latino cultures


(d) are produced and/or distributed in the United States

All entries must have first-aired or released in a U.S. market (network, local, cable, first-run syndication, streaming/subscription service) or participated in a film festival between May 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022.

All entries must be postmarked, emailed, or submitted online by May 25, 2022.

Who Can Submit

Writers, producers, directors, studios, networks, streaming providers, talent, talent agents, managers, publicists, production companies, and advertising agencies are eligible to submit entries.

Submissions will be judged by distinguished panels of entertainment industry executives and Latino community leaders.

General Guidelines

In addition to the criteria listed under Qualifications and the individual Category criteria on page 5, all entries must abide by the following to be considered for the 37th Annual Imagen Awards Competition:

  • Submit one full and complete entry form for each qualifying entry along with all required supplemental application materials. Submissions that do not include all required materials will not be considered complete and may be returned if required materials are not received by the deadline.
  • Entry must include an online screener that can be accessed through September 30, 2022. Screener can also be provided as a downloadable video file. The online screener must be easily accessible, although may require a password or code to access. In the event of an inaccessible or broken link, Imagen will attempt to contact the Primary Contact. However, an entry may be disqualified if inaccessible at the time of judging.
  • You may submit using the Entry Form located on page 10 of this packet or you may submit through the Online Submission Portal located at imagen.org.
  • All Entry Forms include a Waiver and Release that must be signed before submitting. By signing the waiver, you are granting The Imagen Foundation the right to use a clip of the submission, the winners/finalists and/or the qualifying program, film, or project in connection with the Awards ceremony, and for other Imagen events and related purposes. For any questions about the Waiver and Release, please contact us at awards@imagen.org.
  • A fee is required per entry, per category, per the Submission Fees schedule below. Payment of the submission fee must be received by the entry deadline for the entry to be considered complete and eligible.
  • Review each category and ensure that your entry meets the qualifications for the category you are submitting. Incorrectly categorized entries may be disqualified from the competition at the discretion of the judges.
  • Once submitted, there are no refunds and entries are non-returnable.
  • The Imagen Foundation reserves the right to not present an award in a category if an insufficient number of entries are submitted.
  • All nominees agree to name an acceptor and provide the name and contact information to the Imagen Foundation no less than two weeks prior to the Imagen Awards.

Submission Fees

A submission fee of $300 is required per entry, per category for all of the categories, with the following exceptions:

Best Documentary: Independently produced documentaries are $150 per entry, per category. Only independently produced documentaries qualify for this special fee. This special fee applies only to the Best Documentary category entries.

Best Commercial Advertisement or Social Awareness Campaign: Submission fee for this category is $200 per entry, per category. This special fee applies only to the Best Commercial Advertisement or Social Awareness Campaign category entries.

Best Short Film: Submission fee for this category is $100 per entry, per category. This special fee applies only to the Best Short Film category entries.

Best Music Composition for Film or Television AND Best Music Supervision for Film or Television: If you are submitting yourself in either of these two categories, please contact the Imagen Foundation office at awards@imagen.org.

Payment of fees must be received prior to the submission deadline, otherwise entries will be rejected.


All entries must be postmarked, emailed, or submitted online by May 25, 2022.

Nominees Announcement

Nominees will be announced no or about July 31st. The individual listed as the Primary Contact will receive the email notification of when nominees will be announced, as well as the press release. Nominees will be listed on the Imagen website: www.imagen.org.

Nominees will be listed as described on the official Imagen Awards entry form. The accuracy of the information provided on the entry form is the responsibility of the submitter and is not the responsibility of the Imagen Foundation.

The Imagen Foundation determines the Primary Contact listed on the entry form as the contact for the nomination. The Primary Contact agrees to notify the nominee(s) and to provide the Imagen Foundation with contact information for each nominee or the nominee’s representative.

All nominees agree to name an acceptor and inform the Imagen Foundation no less than two weeks prior to the Imagen Awards.

Awards Presentation

Winners will be announced at the 37th Annual Imagen Awards virtual event in late summer 2022.

Winners are not announced in advance.

Sponsorship or Program Advertising

For sponsorship opportunities or advertising in the Imagen Awards Program Book, please contact Yanira Leon by email at yani@imagen.org.