34th Annual Imagen Awards Competition

Objective & Invitation

The Imagen Foundation seeks to recognize and reward positive portrayals of Latinos in all forms of media, as well as to encourage and recognize the achievements of Latino talent in the entertainment and communications industries. In keeping with its mission, The Imagen Foundation cordially invites members of entertainment and communications to participate in the 34th Annual Imagen Awards Competition.

The Foundation works to create, promote, and enhance opportunities for all Latinos in front of and behind the camera and throughout the entertainment industry, and serves as a liaison between the industry and the Latino community by providing access, education, and resources.


The Imagen Foundation invites submissions for appropriate and qualifying entries in English or Spanish language television programming, feature films, streaming services, advertising, web series, or documentaries that either: (a) portray Latinos and/or the Latino culture in an authentic manner; (b) demonstrate outstanding creative achievement by Latino talent; (c) and/or serve to educate the public about Latino cultures; (d) and are produced and/or distributed in the United States. All entries must have been broadcast in the appropriate categories in a U.S. market (network, local, cable, first-run syndication, streaming service), released theatrically or exhibited at a U.S. film festival, or released online between May 1, 2018 and May 5, 2019.

Submission Deadline Extend to May 10, 2019. All entries must be postmarked or emailed by this date.

Entry Procedures

Submissions will be judged by distinguished panels of entertainment industry executives and Latino community leaders.

Submit one full and complete entry form for each qualifying entry with a DVD and/or an online link accessible at minimum through September 15, 2019, and include all applicable credit and production information. Please be advised that entries will not be returned. All entries must be accompanied by an entry form and signed waiver (located at the bottom of the entry form). By signing the waiver, you are granting The Imagen Foundation the right to use a clip of the submission, the winners/finalists and/or the qualifying program, film, or project in connection with the Awards ceremony, and for other Imagen events and related purposes. The fee is $250 per category, as outlined in the entry form. Independently produced documentaries are $150 per submission.†* The entry form is available on the Imagen website: www.imagen.org. Please review the Entry Submission Guidelines & Requirements for detailed information on how to submit. Click here to download the PDF version.

If nominated, The Imagen Foundation will inform the primary contact listed on the entry form. It is the responsibility of the Primary Contact, as listed on the entry form, to notify any additional parties who are part of a production or represent talent regarding the nomination. If the entry should win, only one physical award will be provided per entry. Additional awards can be ordered by contacting The Imagen Foundation.

Please note that by submitting entries, you and the company/organization you represent are granting The Imagen Foundation the right to maintain the entries and permit their viewing by members of the public through The Imagen Foundation’s Latino Media Research Center (“Center”). All entries may be used for public viewing at the Center for non-profit research and educational purposes, and the Center will not permit any member of the public to reproduce or remove any entry from the Center or charge fees for viewing.

*The Imagen Foundation reserves the right to not present an award in a category if an insufficient number of entries are submitted. Please be advised that fees are not refundable.

Independent documentary producers are eligible for the $150 fee only in the documentary category. Independent feature film productions do not qualify for this fee.

* Fees must be received prior to the submission deadline, otherwise entries will be rejected and returned to the submitter.

Nominees Announcement

Nominees are announced in late June/early July. The individual listed as the Primary Contact will receive an email notification of when nominees will be announced, as well as the press release. Nominees will be listed on the Imagen website.

Awards Presentation

Winners will be announced at the 34th Annual Imagen Awards, which will be held Saturday, August 10th at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Winners are not announced in advance.

All nominees are invited to attend the awards ceremony. Each nomination receives two (2) complimentary tickets to the Imagen Awards. Tickets allocated for nominees are non-transferable. Nominated productions may provide the complimentary ticket to a producer, actor or member of the creative team. Additional tickets and tables for guests will be available for purchase.

Sponsorship or Program Advertising

For sponsorship opportunities or advertising in the Imagen Awards Program Book, please contact Elia Sanchez by email at elia@imagen.org.