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33rd Imagen Awards Competition: Frequently Asked Questions

Independently produced documentaries pay a $150 fee per entry. Independent feature film productions do not qualify for this fee.

If you are submitting in a feature film category, you are required to pay the standard $250 per entry fee. Keep in mind that your competition may be major studios.

If you are submitting in an acting category, you are required to pay the standard $250 per entry fee. Bear in mind that your competition may be actors from major productions.

As a not-for-profit organization, all fees collected from entry submissions go directly into the time spent processing your submission and the expenses for producing the Imagen Awards. Consequently, we cannot waive any fees. All entries are non-refundable.

Yes, Spanish language television programming, feature films, advertising, online series, documentaries, local and national informational programs, and student films can be submitted if they were produced and released or aired in a U.S. market.

Nominees are announced in late-June. All Primary Contacts will receive an email notification of when nominees will be announced, as well as the press release. Nominees will be listed on the Imagen website.

Nominees will be provided one (2) complimentary non-transferable tickets to the Imagen Awards, to be held in early September, 2018. Additional tickets for guests will be available for purchase. Complimentary ticket allocation is subject to changes.

The Imagen Awards Ceremony will take place in early September, 2018.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Imagen Foundation at (626) 376-9751 or by email at