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Job Summary

Do you have deep experience supporting a very high-level executive? Are you known for keeping your cool under pressure? Can you interact with the most senior levels of management? If you’re nodding your head, then a Senior Executive Support Professional position with the Disney+ Global Brand Creative Team with Direct to Consumer International (DTCI) at The Walt Disney Company might be right for you.

Our Senior Executive Support Professionals are highly-respected because their skills are quite simply, essential. You’d be a key member of a dynamic, fast-paced team that oversees the brand strategy and creative execution of global brand static and print creative materials for Disney+, The Disney Bundle (Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+), and Star. The Team also collaborates on Disney+ Originals campaigns with partner studios Nat Geo, Disney Channel, and Walt Disney Television, to ensure premium, engaging, and brand-appropriate creative campaigns to support our unscripted, scripted, and family-friendly content. You would work with some of the most creative, intelligent people in the business. Join us – apply today!

This position currently reports to Vice President, Creative Marketing


You would be responsible for the day-to-day workings of the leader(s) you support. You will play a critical role in the support and day-to-day running of the Creative Marketing team for Disney+. The Creative Marketing team, which creates assets for the support of Disney+ Originals and Brand Creative, will rely on you for a wide variety of duties. It goes without saying that there will be expense reports, travel planning, hundreds of phone messages and endless calendar jockeying, but this job is very much about people. The relationship you form with the executive(s) you support is absolutely critical, because that’s what enables you to become a true partner. In addition to understanding your executive’s business — and business needs — inside and out, you’ll also need deep knowledge of the leadership and workings of DTCI and of related departments across the Disney enterprise. As the “face” of your executive within The Walt Disney Company, your professionalism, loyalty and attitude are a reflection of the office, and as such, are a key component to its success. Every day as an Executive Support Professional is different! On any given day you might:

  • Conduct research, fact-check existing work, and prepare regular reports and summaries – you’ll have tasks that you “own” completely and will provide regular assistance on others;
  • Create a multi-city travel itinerary, taking into account time zones, weather delays, traffic and fatigue levels;
  • Interface directly with other senior executives and their support teams – your ability to work well with people on all levels is a very important part of your job;
  • Review your leader’s schedule to build-in time for things like thinking and helping their child dial into their school zoom-classroom;
  • Understand the day’s priorities so you can be strategic about how you direct phone calls;
  • Schedule conference rooms, meetings and video chats with internal and external stakeholders;
  • Be ready to throw the entire schedule out the door when an emergency comes up, then pick it up again when the dust settles;
  • Handle extremely confidential, sensitive information, remembering that Disney is a publicly traded company;
  • Draft letters and emails on behalf of your leaders;
  • Assist with on-boarding new employees – you’ll be the “friendly face” that newbies count on to answer all their questions, including some who are extremely senior in the organization;
  • Assist the Creative Team with asset sharing with internal partners, organization of team activities, billing/invoicing, and awards entries.
  • Mentor and train other support professionals in hard skills like computer programs, and soft skills like teamwork;
  • Plan large events, off-sites and team-building activities;
  • Enjoy some of the Disney benefits, including discounts and free entrance to our Parks worldwide!

Basic Qualifications

Here’s what you will need to be successful in this role:

  • At least 2 years supporting a Vice President and/or equivalent experience;
  • Sharp written and verbal communication skills, including flawless grammar and a rich vocabulary;
  • A proactive attitude – finding potential challenges in a schedule or upcoming event and addressing them before they become an emergency issue;
  • Desire to immerse yourself fully and learn all aspects of your executive’s business;
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize deadlines/deliverables;
  • Strong proficiency with all types of computers, phones and office equipment, as well as mastery of Mac & Windows: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SAP, Confluence, and Concur
  • A calm head and steady hand to deal with the unexpected;
  • “EQ” skills to build bridges, forge alliances and encourage people to want to work with you;
  • Complete reliability handling confidential, often highly sensitive information;
  • Desire to truly be helpful to your leaders and co-workers, to go the extra mile without being asked;
  • Some flexibility in your schedule – we value work/life balance, but in a pinch, a bit more time is needed;
  • Curiosity – a desire to learn more, and know when to lean in and take charge, and when to lean back and listen;
  • Very strong organizational skills and extreme attention to detail; and
  • A highly professional demeanor, positive outlook and a can-do attitude.

Preferred Qualifications

It would be great if you also had these skills:

  • Experience at The Walt Disney Company
  • Experience working in a large public corporation; and
  • Marketing/Creative experience a plus

Required Education

  • Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent experience

Additional Information


To apply for this job please visit www.linkedin.com.