The Hollywood Reporter captured the tone of this year’s Imagen Awards through their online coverage of the event, “Politics Dominates the Night at Imagen Awards: ‘Our Vote is Very Important.’” The 31st Annual Imagen Awards, which were held, Friday, September 9th,  focused heavily on encouraging everyone in attendance and watching on Facebook about the importance of showing up to vote on November 8th.

“The Imagen Foundation has launched a campaign, We Count, to remind not only the general public but also ourselves of the significant contributions and influence we have made to our country. But this only works if we vote. Political pundits are projecting that only 1 in 3 Latinos will vote,” stated Helen Hernandez, President of the Imagen Foundation, on Friday. “It is only through voting in large numbers that our politicians, corporations, foundations and the entertainment industry will begin to look at us differently. Voting is the conduit.”

Imagen pins, with the campaign statement, “We Count,” were provided to each event attendee and are available for purchase at $5USD each through this website. The Imagen Foundation encourages everyone, but especially the Latino community, to exercise their right to vote this Election Day.