Nextstar Media Group, Inc.


Producer – Fox 5 San Diego


Daily production of a quality news product as defined by the FOX 5 brand.  Accuracy, excellence in production techniques, writing, story treatment, relevance to the viewing audience, and ability to generate ratings.


  • Stack and booth assigned newscast and shape overall coverage
  • Write news stories, teases and headlines
  • Manage team of anchors, reporters, writers and editors to ensure production of accurate, updated and engaging news content
  • Attend editorial meetings and pitch/vet story ideas
  • Stay informed on current affairs
  • Assist reporters with logistics and proofreading scripts
  • Plan future segments and book day turn newsmakers and content dictates
  • Maintain strong social media presence and use it to produce and promote content
  • Additional duties as necessary.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism or related field is desired.
  • Minimum 3-5 years experience as line producer in working newsroom.


  • Must be able to work well under extreme pressure and deadlines
  • Must have solid news judgment
  • Must be a consistent and solid story and tease writer
  • Must show initiative and have ability to act decisively
  • Must interact positively and productively with others and take feedback
  • Must be a leader in a strong team environment
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Detail orientated
  • Must be flexible with schedule and fill-in different shifts as needed
  • May produce additional cut-ins, special reports or breaking news as needed

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